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#Whoopeetapes the classic comfy baby diapers, easy-to-fasten and allows for multiple refastening.

#Whoopeepants is easier to wear, diaper changes are much quicker and easier.

People & Grit (M) Sdn Bhd

Disposable Diapers Pioneers since 2002!

ISO Certified

Becoming an ISO certified company means that we have dedicated ourselves to upholding world-class specifications for every product, service, and process to make sure our products quality is safe and meet with world-standard.


We’ve been taking care of babies for 2 decades, we got the just right recipe to produce state-of-the-art disposable diaper like velcro-tape & innovations like breathable cloth with ultra-absorbent layers which ensure anti-leak to keep baby dry and comfy all the times.


Our diapers are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash.  We only used materials which have been confirmed safety & gentle for baby’s skin. Moreover, we conducted multiple checks on our production via highly sensitive sensors to prevents diaper contamination. We will double checked manually with human eyes before it packs & reaches to our customer.


People & Grit (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the top baby and adult diaper manufacturing company in SEA since early 2002. Whoopee Diaper was officially launched in the year 2012 which aimed to provide premium baby diaper at an affordable price for the local market.

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